First Choice Media


You already know that yellow page advertising can be vital to finding the new customers your business needs. First Choice Media has taken specific steps to make our yellow pages the easiest and most likely to be used by your future customers – at less cost than the utility books.

We boast far superior print quality with larger print, eye-catching professionally designed full color ads, plus a unique and convenient size and shape format that consistently puts our directories on the top of the stack. This means your future customers are much more likely to find and call YOUR business. Whether you are looking for a plumber in Arlington Heights or a legal firm in Barrington – First Choice YP will take you there!

Don’t miss this opportunity to have customers find your business quickly, easily and effectively! We’re “Always on Top…And First to be Chosen”™

Why First Choice Media?

If you want your business to be found by new customers in Chicago and Chicago suburbs, First Choice Media is your best solution. With higher print standards, larger print size and professionally designed full color ads, we put your business in the hands of your preferred marketplace. Our directories have become a trusted source of information in the communities that we’ve served for ten years. We use several formats to offer a complete advertising package to our customers. We have the traditional yellow pages directories plus a modern Vertical Internet search format and also the technology format in the form of mobile media. These products are designed to find, bring and keep customers.

We’ve taken our motto of, “Always on Top, First to be Chosen” to a new level with our on-line vertical product. Now we are found on the top of the directory stack and also on the top of specified Internet searches and on cell phone text messages. Our research shows that people search their local towns and a specific category. Our new Vertical product has been developed the way people search on-line, which is Hyper Local.